Motor Vehicle Offences

  • Speeding
  • Driving While a Licence is Suspended
  • Careless/Dangerous Driving
  • Show Cause Hearing
  • Licence Suspension Appeal Hearing

A conviction under the Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code could result in the loss of your license. There are many technical aspects of a traffic ticket that may be overlooked by the untrained eye that an experienced lawyer can utilize to your advantage.



Show Cause Hearing


If you have been convicted of one or more Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code offences, you may receive a notice from MPI to attend a show cause hearing. While these hearings are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you attend and be properly prepared for the questions you will be asked. Having a lawyer who is familiar with the process, present with you at your hearing, may be to your advantage in minimizing a potential suspension.



Licence Suspension Appeal Hearing


If your licence has been suspending by MPI, you may appeal your suspension before the appeal board. You must first submit a written application, followed by an in person hearing before the appeal board. You have the right to appear with a lawyer. Mr. Wolson has appeared before the board on many occasions and has successfully obtained work-related driving privilege’s for his clients.





If you are charged with any motor vehicle offences under the Criminal Code or the Highway Traffic Act, contact Daniel A. Wolson.