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Drug Lawyers In Winnipeg

Drug Possession and Other Drug Charges
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Types of Drug Offences Prosecuted in Canada

There are four types of drug offences commonly prosecuted in Canada:
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance.
  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking.
  • Trafficking in a Controlled Substance; and
  • Production of a Controlled Substance

Possession of a Controlled Substance

The list of controlled substances is in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. In order to prove possession, a Prosecutor has to prove the essential elements of knowledge and control, which means that you knew of the controlled substance, and were in a position to exercise some degree of control over it.

Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking

To obtain a conviction for possession for the purpose of trafficking, the Prosecutor must prove that you were in the possession of a controlled substance and that you or someone else intended to distribute it.
These types of cases are often proven by the evidence of expert police witnesses who testifies that the drugs were for trafficking, including (but not limited to) the amount of the drug, or the presence of scoresheets, scales, or large amounts of cash.

Trafficking in a Controlled Substance

To prove trafficking, the prosecutor must prove that you distributed a controlled substance.
You do not have to have been paid for the substance; giving it away still qualifies as trafficking.

Production of a Controlled Substance

Producing a controlled substance means exactly that – be it growing marijuana or cooking meth.

Everybody Makes Mistakes, But There Are Ways To Correct Them!

Drug offence includes a variety of charges depending on the nature and scope of the crime. The potential sentence for committing a drug offence could either be a discharge or could even be as serious as life in prison.
The laws pertaining to drug-related offences are quite complex which is why it is imperative to consult an experienced drug offence lawyer in Winnipeg.
The most common types of drug offences include possession of a drug, drug trafficking, drug production, and importing drugs. Simply possessing a drug is the least serious drug offence, but it could result in grave consequences depending on the nature of the drug.
Illegal drugs, defined as “hard drugs,” which include heroin and cocaine, carry more severe sentences than fairly “soft drugs”. However, possession for the purpose of trafficking and production results in more serious punishment than simple possession.

Why Do You Need Lawyer?

Drug offences are serious. Even a charge of simple possession can impact your ability to get a job or cross the border. Trafficking and Production charges typically result in significant jail sentences.
Drug offences often involve the seizure of cash, vehicles and even homes, and an application by the state to have these valuable items forfeited.
Defending drug charges is complicated. It often involves a Charter-based challenge to the validity of a search of an Accused person’s home, vehicle or person.

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