10 Secrets of Criminal Lawyers That Help You Win Your Case

Last updated
January 27, 2024

We need to thank criminal defense lawyers more often for their diligent efforts. They stand by their clients who are accused of any major or minor crime – and no matter how heinous the crime is, they work hard to free you. To balance the scales of justice, criminal legal experts entertain all sorts of criminal cases. There is pressure, dedication and responsibility that go into being a criminal defendant.

1. Lawyers Don’t Allow Their Emotions to Take Control of the Situation

There are times when lawyers have terrible experiences in their life. But their feelings don’t influence their work. They protect the rights of their clients, regardless of their private lives.

2. They Establish a Strong Relationship with Clients, Irrespective of the Crime

Lawyers are aware of the misdeeds their clients are accused of, but they relate to their clients as human beings – and so the results are better off.

3. They Research Jurors’ Backgrounds

As a firm of top Winnipeg lawyers, we know to what degree defense lawyers function. They examine potential jurors, the process known as voir dire. Through it, they expose a juror’s natural biases in favour of the prosecution so that they can get them off the panel for cause.

4. They’re Always Noticing the Jury’s Body Language

Keeping an eye on the jury helps the defense to assess in which direction they’re leaning. They evaluate how jurors are reacting and make real-time adjustments to their arguments.

5. They Keep Track of Their Own Clients

This secret might seem strange to you, but defendants idling in jail could end up writing a complaint to the DA or a judge. So, our lawyers keep track of the moves of their defendant that can put them in question.

6. They Ignore Hate E-mails

Reputed legal consultants such as Gerri Wiebe’s legal consultants in Winnipeg often receive threats or hate mail. Wise defense lawyers don’t get intimidated by such e-mails; they ignore them and present the best possible defense of their clients.

7. They Work Smarter

An innocent client would be easier to defend, but if their client is accused of a crime, the right lawyers find ways to work smarter, not just harder. They focus on creating ideas and models that show their client’s position in the best possible light. 

8. They Give Their Clients Makeovers

It’s hilarious, but best criminal lawyers may create an illusion. They might advise their clients to buy some decent clothes and get a haircut to look respectable for the system.

9. They Stand Up Only When the Time Arises

Good defense lawyers don’t pace, gesticulate or thump table to show their swag in front of a jury. They pound on a rail when they think it’s time to counteract the situation. 

10. They Accept Challenges Like ‘Can’t-Win Cases’

The defense can get demotivated if it sees no obvious way to win. But ours are the best criminal lawyers in Winnipeg that take on challenging cases. The greater the odds, the more they want to win.

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