The Significance of Criminal Records

Last updated
January 27, 2024

Facing a criminal charge is a cause for immediate concern, and the best criminal lawyers in Winnipeg should be there by your side before it proceeds into unknown territory. A conviction can mean a criminal record for a lifetime and even jail. Once the sentence is given, what does the future look like with a criminal record?

Criminal lawyers have seen first-hand what life is like with a criminal record and have all the answers for you. 

What Is Considered As A Criminal Record In Canada?

Any individual who has been found guilty and is convicted of an offence receives a criminal record. Even if it’s for a minor offence, the criminal record is there to stay.

Criminal record results in the case of a conviction, but regardless, the police keep a record of the person’s offences even if convicted or found innocent. This record can come to light in case of a background check when contacts with the police are made. In the case of a pardon, the police and other government agencies will always access the original records. Criminal lawyers in Winnipeg can guide you and offer you vigorous defence if you or a loved one is struggling with a criminal charge.

The criminal charges that can lead to criminal record include:

  • Domestic assault
  • Drug offences
  • DUI
  • Common assault
  • Homicides
  • Fraud
  • Armed robbery
  • Sexual offences

Can You Get A Job With A Criminal Record?

In today’s world, your history is sure to pop up more than ever wherever you go. In the past, law enforcement agencies and government jobs would run a background check for employment, but now that goes for everyone without saying. This is especially true when looking for positions involving work with vulnerable populations such as the elderly, infants, toddlers, and disabled people.

In the case of private companies, a typical background check will reveal a conviction for which you have been sentenced. However, any other detail in this regard can be easily obtained. Private investigators and intuitive lawyers can discover the charges and allegations people face through access to public records. They can uncover any information on your criminal record even if you were found not guilty of all the charges.

The best criminal lawyers in Winnipeg are your only chance at dealing with a criminal charge since the stigma that comes with a criminal record makes finding a job quite challenging. Even if you are successful in the initial interview process, it can all fall apart due to a single person who is not on board due to your criminal record.

Can Someone Fire You For Criminal Charges?

In many cases, the employer can legally fire anyone who is charged with a crime. Many people cannot hold positions that involve handling valuables or money. The chances of being found guilty of a charge have reverberating effects on the employer’s reputation, making termination a guaranteed possibility.

Can You Travel With A Criminal Record?

The rules and restrictions for international travel for anyone with a criminal record vary according to the country. They may ban travel for some particular offences, the severity of the crime, convictions and many other reasons. You will need to learn about the restriction of a particular country before travelling.

Travelling to the USA may also be impossible with a criminal record. Canadians could travel to America without a passport not that long ago, but today even a minor offence may prevent travel.

Loss Of Rights

If you get a criminal record due to a conviction, you may face personal rights loss. The most notable amongst these is the loss of freedom, aka jail time. Other losses can lurk in the background for the rest of your life, such as a DUI, which could mean losing driving ability wholly or requiring an ignition lock.

Preventing a conviction is a top priority when facing criminal charges, and criminal lawyers in Winnipeg could be your best bet at making it possible. The right lawyer can mitigate the damages and restrictions that may result from a criminal record and apply for destruction if found not guilty.