4 Basic Things About College Campus Sexual Assaults

Last updated
January 27, 2024

With the increasing rate of college campus sexual assaults and child abuse cases in Canada, the assault lawyers usually suggest that our children, students, parents, guardians, heads and college authorities should know these basic things about a sexual assault so that, nobody suffers in silence and every victim or guilty are given what they deserve be it justice or a strict punishment.

1. What is a College Campus Sexual Assault?  

When students go to college, they have high expectations some plan to influence the world and make a difference, some plan to become better people and some plan to exploit others. YES. A college campus can be harmful for students too. A sexual assault is categorized as a ‘college campus sexual assault’ when the student under 17 is abused by another student, faculty member or anybody else present on the campus on authority. With ‘abuse’ we certainly mean that the student had no consent to the accident and that’s why it is labelled as a crime. Any activity carried out – being unwanted or unconsented by the victim comes under the definition of sexual assault including grabbing, touching and rape.

2. Colleges have Their Own Campus Sexual Assault Policies.

Sexual Assault lawyers suggest all students to access, carefully read, comprehend and follow the sexual assault policy, whether a student is victimized or not. This may help you, or your friend who is being harassed. Plus, it is the first step towards a fair treatment for both the complainant and the abuser. Knowing the college’s assault policy puts the student in a better position if he requires help from the authorities. As parents, you must enquire from your child whether or not they are acquainted with their college sexual assault policy and in case of emergency, which particular person they should report to.

3. There are Different Legal Options Available to Child Abuse Victims.

Pursue a civil or a criminal charge without time limitations. YES! Nobody would like to decide between options after going through such a crime. But, Canadian laws have given us our ways to choose from. A civil charge requires a guilty to appear in a civil justice court for trials after a victim files a civil charge. Damages are claimed only in condition when the guilty is already alive.

The other option is to sue a guilty in a criminal charge. Depending upon the severity of the case, the physical, mental and psychological torture given to the victim, the Crown’s attorney decides the sentence, the punishment, and the time periods of both. While you take any action, you’ll be required to delegate the process to an assault lawyer, who’ll be in a better capacity to guide the victim about the next steps for example, obtaining a medical report or getting a particular test done. 

Most importantly, if you choose to take any of such options,
you can sue the person – the direct guilty, and in few cases, the institution
which has employed the guilty to bear the damages which would account for the
medical expenses, college fees to continue education, or to support the family
of financial resources. While this may seem unfair to some, it is important to
hold such institutions and the loopholes in policies so that repetitive conduct
in colleges can be controlled.

You can also decide to talk to the media about it. However, make sure you have already sought assistance from a sexual assault lawyer who’d stay by your side during the process and will keep an eye on signals of danger.

4. Receiving Medical Attention And From The Police

It is a victim’s right to claim help from the police or medical authorities. Nobody is bound to report to the police in case they require a medical examination or any such tests done. MEDICAL EXAMINATION IS IMPORTANT for your self-awareness of the damage caused as well as for the future trials. Such reports play a significant role in explaining the ins and outs of an assault even if the case details are inexplicable. A victim to report such a case to a lawyer, or police or even a gynecologist to seek help. Also, anybody can receive a RAPE KIT on anybody’s behalf. While there is nothing dangerous in receiving a rape kit, lawyers usually suggest completing the process by reporting the details to the relevant authorities.

While rape is the most under-reported crime, it needs the highest level of attention so that our youth can be protected from the evil. Not a crime it’s an evil.