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January 27, 2024

What you need to know about Assault Offences in Manitoba

In Manitoba, there are varying levels of assault charges and various assault-related charges. An assault occurs whenever an individual contacts another individual’s body, either directly or indirectly, without permission or consent and there’s a certain level of injury. At the very low end of the spectrum a simple assault might be an undesirable push or uttering threats to another individual and at the high end of this same spectrum, a very simple assault might be a hit or even a blow with a clenched fist.

More severe types of assault lead to more severe charges depending on the degree of harm caused.

There are severe consequences that could come out of being charged with different forms of assaults in Manitoba. Depending on what sorts of charges you might be facing, the penalties, fines, and in some instances, jail time, which could accompany an assault conviction can be severely detrimental.

There are several different offences that make Assault laws in Canada. People charged with these types of offences are usually charged with more than one of the following offences, and each charge requires a separate defence:

Simple Assault

If you’re charged with simple assault, it implies that you willfully either threatened or tried to cause harm to some other individual. It’s likely to be charged with simple assault, even in the case that you don’t touch or cause bodily harm on somebody else. Whether you really hurt or inflicted injury is irrelevant in a simple assault charge. The severity of this offence is based on just the intention.

Aggravated Assault

When someone is accused of aggravated assault, this usually means that he or she really did or intended to cause severe physical harm to some other individual. As opposed to a simple assault charge, once you’re charged with aggravated assault, there is the presumption that carelessly and intentionally revealed vicious indifference to some other individual, and possibly failed or attempted to cause them physical harm. Crimes that qualify as aggravated assault are murder, rape or even robbing with the presence of a dangerous or deadly weapon. However, it should be noted that this is by no means a thorough list.

There are various levels of aggravated assault; normally the more extreme and serious the action, the harsher the fines an individual could face. Knowing which charge you’re facing is essential to establishing an appropriate protection to help save you from a criminal conviction.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault charges could be brought against anyone who forcibly sexually offends a victim. To be charged with sexual assault, no single portion of the body has to be violated; the charge rather includes a sexual act that violates the victim’s integrity.

The variables associated with sexual assault charges include:

1) Which portion of the human body was touched

2) Precisely what the essence of the contact was

3) What were the conditions linked to the contact?

4) Where there some words or gestures that followed the action?

5) Were there additional problems surrounding the that given occurrence?

6) Was there any threatful communication or actual physical force linked to the given occurrence?

Domestic Violence and Assault

Domestic assault is when an individual is accused of either threatening, frightening, intimidating, or physically harming their spouse. If you’re accused of domestic violence or assault, there are normally constraints set on when you can get in contact with your spouse. If you’re found guilty of domestic violence, you might face more severe consequences than if you’re charged with non-domestic assault.

For many individuals, the very first criminal charges they face are domestic assault charges. In this case, they are not knowledgeable about criminal law, the justice system and they also have multiple questions. In case you experience an assault charge or even a domestic violence charge, contact Gerri Wiebe instantly because she can give you useful and insightful information regarding the way the system operates. Gerri Wiebe will review your case with the Crown attorney assigned and advocate for you to attempt to have the case resolved in your favour. The consequences of being charged with assault are severe and are likely to be detrimental to your life. Don’t try and confront the charges all on your own, it is well worth it to explore your options during your free consultation with Gerri Wiebe.

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