Crimes That Make You Inadmissible To Canada

Last updated
January 27, 2024

If you’re convicted of
a criminal offense outside of Canada, you may be inadmissible to Canada. This
means that without appropriate applications and documentation, you may not be
allowed to enter. The criminal offense that you may have been a part of would
be equivalent to something in the Canadian law, which is how applications for
exceptions and inadmissibility are judged, for instance, Criminal
Rehabilitation or Temporary Resident Permit.

This article will highlight
a list of crime groupings that may make you inadmissible to Canada. While being
extensive, this list is by no means complete. If you’ve ever been convicted of
a crime or have been arrested, you can only ensure successful entrance through
an approved Criminal Rehabilitation application or Temporary Resident Permit.
If you’re at Winnipeg, you are advised to seek legal guidance and
representation by consulting a criminal defense lawyer. This would amplify the
chances of a successful application, ultimately increasing your chances of

Offences Against Public Order

DUIs and other offences
related to driving will be perceived as indictable offences. These offences
will be categorized to be criminal, creating substantial obstacles to
admissibility to Canada.

Offences That Could Involve Violence

Homicide and vehicular
manslaughter are considered as serious and major crimes. Additionally,
assaults, domestic violence, and hit and runs are perceived as non-serious and
hybrid offences as long as no bodily injury is involved.

Offences Involving Drugs

Possession of drugs for
consumption or intent to distribute are hybrid offences, the severity of which
depends on the illegality of the drug in question. While trafficking is a
serious crime, possession is large quantities is also considered quite serious.

Offences Involving Weapons

In simple words, you
cannot carry a weapon in Canada. If a police officer sees an individual
carrying an item, he automatically perceives it as dangerous, leading you to
receive a criminal charge.

Offences Against The Administration of Law

Disobeying the court of
law and failure to appear in the court are non-serious, hybrid offences. While
resisting an officer is just a hybrid offence, it is only seriously criminal if
it consists of a weapon.

Sexual Offences

The possession or accessing of child pornography and sexual assault are hybrid offenses, the severity of which depend on the specific case. The distribution and production of child pornography are indictable offenses.

Invasion of Privacy

Stalking is considered
as a hybrid offense, the seriousness of which depends on a particular case.
Moreover, computer-related crimes are summary offences unless no life is put
into danger.

Offences Against The Family

Until there is no
bodily injury involved, domestic violence is perceived as a non-serious, hybrid

Offences Against Property

Theft of items or
shoplifting under $5,000 is perceived as a summary offence. However, an amount
greater than it deems this offense and criminal with severe punishments.

Fraud And Other White Collar Crimes

Usually, white collar
crimes are non-violent crimes that are financially motivated and are committed
by the government officials and businesses. These crimes depends on the
specific case with respect to the seriousness of criminality.

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