8 Things TV Gets Wrong About Criminal Defense Lawyers

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What are the criminal lawyers in Winnipeg usually mistaken for? Well, first in this system of rules are integrated branches, such as criminal law, Constitutional Law or administrative law. Depending on their interests, the top Winnipeg lawyers track and take cases. However, there are a few misconceptions related to the lawyers as we hear on TV. Let’s steer clear the way!

1.    The lawyer's work: a partiality that is not conspiracy with the lie

One of the first issues that the criminal lawyer face when he begins his professional practice is to become aware of and assume the partiality that permeates his performance in both judicial and extrajudicial areas. We speak of awareness because society, in general, is not going to accept this quality readily, otherwise essential in our professional activity. It is one of the first challenges of the lawyer to understand without fissures the importance of our bias and know how to transmit it when necessary to those who have a wrong perception of it.

2.    Lawyers create ineffectual hindrance

It tosses to all ears that criminal lawyers drag a lot of history on their backs. Also, the truth is that it is difficult to convince people that for the operation of the judicial system is essential. Lawyers are partial and that such bias does not suppose a conspiracy with the lie.

We must start from the idea that the lawyer is obliged to know with maximum objectivity all the facts that make up the matter entrusted, both those that favor and those that harm his defense. In the examination of such circumstances must maintain a position of absolute fairness and impartiality. This is what we call objective truth in the face of the subjective truth presented to the client.

3.    Lawyers demonstrate reprehensible behavior.

To any criminal lawyer the transcendence of his profession is to affirm that in a particular document something is said, or that a tangible physical reality does not exist. He is the first to know that whoever did this would be doomed to disregard and to the absolute failure and that such behavior would inevitably turn against him and his clients.

Lying is, in the end, and always, so apparent that no one with a minimum of dignity and intelligence would dare to commit the awkwardness of being in evidence and of gaining the reputation of a cheat.

4.    Lawyers white lie no matter how and when

Recently a prosecutor in the capital TV told that when a lawyer goes to his office, he does not believe what he says is true because of the coldness with which he usually speaks lies to such an extent that it seems that he himself already understands what he is worthy of being studied by psychiatry.

A lawyer loses respect, esteem, and consideration when he makes part of his arguments, lies, and some people including his clients. It is because the criminal lawyer makes his daily bread, which pronounces him in a way usual as if those who are by his side do not realize the battery of lies. If you are one of those, check that something is very wrong in your personality.

5.    Lawyers aren’t your friend

A parallel and deadly flaw in the legal profession is the malicious adulation against a lawyer behind his back. The envy or professional success of the other lawyer advances because it has flaws in his personality that do not allow him to get good customers and resort to personal criticism with colleagues. Praising the phrase "the criticism behind my back is the honor that makes me the envy and mediocrity to talent."

6.    Lies and mediocrity are getting worse

When they must be endured in silence when the courtesy and the solemnity ask you to stand before a lawyer excited and intoxicated with lies and lies, while others want to explode. That is constant suffering in the exercise of the profession, luckily not generalized. It strikes as a lawyer can tell an outrageous lie and then go to sleep "quiet."  We wish that psychology could define these behaviors of how a criminal lawyer is so capable of swallowing a soap and not even burping, luckily they are the exception.

7.    Why do lawyer swear

When a lawyer swears before God for the country and his honor, respect and enforce laws, moral and ethical principles- it is the duty to honor the profession. Judges and prosecutors are in the mission to verbally admonish the lawyer lying because this with their lies tries to influence them and lead or mislead their decisions. There are lawyers who when they speak have already lost so much moral credibility that beforehand, no one believes they are still in that instant telling the truth. It is something fatal for a criminal lawyer.

8.    Lawyers do not follow the Code Of Ethics

The banal and unjustifiable excuses in a lawyer are harmful to their clients, judges, and prosecutors. A lawyer who has promised a magical or impossible solution to his client just for charging fees, in the end, will be evil, he will lose the case. Later, he and the client would easily be subject to the disciplinary tribunal of the bar association, seeing how he is given the head to follow the Code of Ethics.

There is an old joke in which a friend asks another if he knows the infallible way to tell if your lawyer is lying to you when he speaks to you. Intrigued, the aforementioned states that he does not know. He replies: "Very easy: move your lips."