Early Termination of Probation For Sex Offenders

Last updated
April 14, 2024

Scope and Impact of Sexual Offender Registries

In many states, the registry includes anyone convicted of a sexual offence, which can range from child rape to sexual relationships by mutual agreement between teenagers, regardless of the potential threat they may pose to minors in the future. Unlimited access to the public, via the Internet, to sex offender registries without the relevant restrictions exposes previous offenders to the risk of other people acting on this information irresponsibly and even illegally. There is little evidence that this form of notification to the community prevents sexual violence. 

The Board of Parole Hearings considers the results of a “comprehensive risk assessment for sex offenders,” with inmates who have a prior conviction for a crime of sexual violence before their release hearing conditional. Laws related to individuals convicted of sexual offences may not protect minors from these crimes but may lead to harassment, isolation, and even violence against former criminals. Human Rights Watch urges that state and federal laws on registration and notification to the community be reformed.  

Nevertheless, early probation laws for sex offenders reflect public concern that minors are at serious risk of sexual abuse by strangers who are repeat offenders. However, as the report documents, the real risks that minors face are very different. Government statistics indicate that most child sexual abuse is committed by family members or authority figures who have confidence, and by a person who had not previously been convicted of a sexual offence.

Considerations for Parole Hearings and Risk Assessment

For years, several organizations have called for authoritarian rules for sex offenders. As per law, you could request psychological evaluation before sex offenders have their hearing to get probation. It is the first comprehensive study of policies regarding sexual assailants and their impact on public safety, as well as their effect on former criminals and their families.

In summary, the law would
improve the safety of communities by requiring all inmates convicted of a crime
of sexual violence to be administered a comprehensive risk assessment before
their parole hearing. The state Senate passed the bill: “All inmates
convicted of a crime of sexual violence should receive a risk assessment before
their hearing.” 

Challenges in Federal Sex Offender Registration Laws

Currently, federal law requires adults to register their addresses and other information in law enforcement agencies. Since the requirements for registration are excessively broad in scope and long-term. There are numerous registered sex offenders, including individuals sentenced for non-violent crimes such as sexual intercourse between adolescents, and prostitution, as well as subjects who committed their only offences decades ago.

The laws also reflect the common but erroneous belief that “a sex offender will always be a sex offender.” Reliable studies indicate that three out of four adult offenders do not repeat. Hence often, early termination is granted by the judge after evaluating his past criminal record. The probation month can be 3 months up to 2 years. 

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