How A Criminal Lawyer Is Your Best Bet?

Last updated
January 27, 2024

The topic of morality is one of the most controversial and complicated subjects since the beginning of time and will probably remain so until it ends. As early as we can recall, we have been drilled with the concept of right and wrong. What does being a good person mean? What if someone is evil? How should we deal with the evil that exists in the world? These similar questions have been circling criminal lawyers as well, and being one is perhaps one of the most apparent ethical dilemmas of morality. Criminal lawyers in Winnipeg believe in representing their clients because that’s their job, and they’re pros at it.

Factual Guilt VS Legal Guilt

The purpose of any trial is not to prove whether a person actually committed the crime he is being accused of. This is called factual guilt, which is never why a trial takes place though most people may think so. The point of the trial is whether the prosecution can prove that a person committed the crime, and that is known as legal guilt. The best criminal lawyers in Winnipeg go beyond their duty to prove their clients’ innocence because they don’t have an interest in the person’s guilt or innocence since it’s not their job to decide that. What they can do is to keep it honest and preserve the integrity of the system while presenting a fair case as is their duty.

They do not Decide If Someone’s Guilty or not.

the job does not fall upon the shoulders of the defence to determine guilt, whether you like it or not. The job of proving guilt falls to the prosecutor, who does everything possible, keeping within the boundaries of the law to prove that a defendant is, in fact, guilty.  Criminal lawyers in Winnipeg will defend you as best as they can to get you acquitted, whether it’s a DUI, theft, assault, or any other charge. Their job is to prove the innocence of their client, and that’s precisely what they do.

Protecting the Innocent

A controversial statement that criminal lawyers are hounded with is ‘How can criminal defence lawyers defend guilty people?’ but the interesting thing here is that no one questions the prosecutor for condemning an innocent person. What would happen if an innocent person was found guilty and had to rot away for years in prison for a crime he did not commit? This is why criminal lawyers defend their clients so viciously, so that there is no stone left unturned to prove their innocence.

The bottom line is that there is no way to tell if a person is really guilty since frequently, there aren’t any witnesses, and evidence can be a lie. The best criminal lawyers in Winnipeg uphold their calling and defend the client because they may be innocent.  There have been many cases over the centuries when an innocent was sentenced to have their sentence revoked years later, after the emergence of new evidence. This is the importance of criminal lawyers and defending a client until the very last moment.


Defending any client to the best of their legal skills is also done out of self-preservation. Even if we have the best interests at heart, we do need a certain amount of self-interest for survival as human beings. If a criminal lawyer was wrongfully arrested or framed for a crime, they would want the same rigorous defense level because it’s their right.

Keeping it Fair at All Times!

The main reason behind lawyers defending their clients is to protect the rule of law no matter what. If the lawyers didn’t do their job, then it would fall to the police to determine the guilt of the accused. They would be doing the jobs of judge, jury, and executioner because the evidence would be accepted and admissible. When lawyers do their job flawlessly, it rests on the jury and the judge to determine guilt.

Criminal lawyers in Winnipeg will not ask you whether you committed the crime or not because it’s not their job. They are the best chance of getting a fair trial and proving your innocence.