How Can I Protect My Child from Sexual Assault?

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Sexual abuse isn’t a foreign phenomenon, with children belonging to every culture, religion, race, or socioeconomic group being vulnerable to it. While there is no guaranteed way to safeguard children from sexual abuse, you can always take appropriate steps to mitigate this risk. Just remember, if something happens to your child, only the perpetrator should be blamed – not you nor your child. Following are some measures that you may take to ensure that your children remain protected from this illicit act.

Be Actively Involved In Your Child’s Life

If you choose to get actively involved in your child’s life, it would become easier for you to identify relevant warning signs. Not only this, your child will feel more comfortable in approaching and enlightening you about such instances. If you hear or see something of concern, you should take the following steps for the protection of your child.

Familiarize Yourself With The People In Your Child’s Life: You should be aware of who your children are spending their time with, including adults and other children.

Show Interest In Your Child’s Life: Ask them what did they do throughout the day and with whom?

Talk About The Media: The media is increasingly spreading awareness about sexual assault. Ask your children if they have witnessed something similar.

Select Caregivers Wisely: Whether it’s an afterschool activity, a new school, or a babysitter, be diligent about performing a thorough background check on your child’s caregivers.

Know The Warning Signs: Be vary of possible warning signs of child abuse. Don’t overlook any changes within your child, no matter how minute they are.

Encourage Children To Speak Up

If your children know that their voice will be taken seriously, they would never shy away from courageously speaking up in case they experience something unusual. If you haven’t started conversations around sexual topics with your children yet, start now, it’s never too late.

Explain Your Children How To Talk About Their Body: Don’t hesitate to teach your children about the names of their body parts. It would only broaden their mind.

Teach Your Child About Boundaries: Teach your children that no one has the right to make them uncomfortable or touch them – this consists of tickling from even mom or dad or hugs from grandparents.

Give Them Assurance That They Will Not Get In Trouble: A large number of perpetuators use threats or secret-keeping to keep the children quite. Assure your children that that no one can cause them any harm.

Be available at all times: Spend time with your children and give them undivided attention. If they have concern or a question, take your time to listen to them, ensuring that you appropriately answer them.

Hire An Assault Lawyer

If you’re at Winnipeg and want to go the legal way to understand potential penalties, possible defenses, and your legal options with regards to this issue, you can hire an assault lawyer from Winnipeg. Since Winnipeg is brimming with numerous assault lawyers, this isn’t going to be an uphill task!