What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content

Last updated
February 5, 2024

Stealing sucks big time and is
offensive. The constant problem of content creators is the struggle for their
rights. Unfortunately, they are rights that are very often visited. Don’t you
know what I am talking about? First and foremost, you need to know your right
and for that, you must have a look at the Copyright guide to understand it
better.  That said, I am aware that every
day there are more and more original content creators who understand their rights.
Many others prefer not to “have headaches” and not fight against this
type of abuse. Everyone is free to do what they want, what is true is that if
we do not fight for our rights nobody is going to do it for us, so maybe it’s
time to start to love and value ourselves a little for our work and learn to
use the tools we have at our disposal to defend ourselves.

Someone Violated My Copyright. What I Can Do?

Copyright is a legal protection. A party may seek to protect its copyright against its unauthorized use by filing a civil lawsuit in a federal district court. If you believe your copyright has been violated, consult a lawyer. In cases of deliberate infringement for profit, the Federal Prosecutor may initiate a criminal investigation.

Reporting To The Hosting

Ok, you have made sure that it does
not exist in social networks (at least not in those of that particular account)
but your post or your photos are still in some other blog or server. This is
one of the most important steps to take to make sure that the content is
removed. The first thing you have to do is to investigate what hosting the web
uses. It is possible that if it is a web of an important size use a CDN (Cloud)
but if you read carefully you can always find the hosting service in which they
are staying.

Many of the websites are hosted on
GoDaddy and coincidentally it is the form that I have used the most, the
GoDaddy guys also respond to the requests fairly quickly and they themselves
send a message to the offender asking him to remove the content or face
sanctions.  If the web in question does
not have a hosting service of its own and is hosted on Blogspot or WordPress
you can also report and is, in fact, more effective.   If the content is copied on giant websites
such as Taringa, Upworth or similar, these websites always have a contact form
or email available.

Reporting On Google

In the case that it is a full post
of your blog you cannot forget this step because it can offend you by not only
“removing readers” but affecting your positioning as it is duplicate
content. On the other hand, if the website that makes the copy is a much bigger
website than yours; it will have more chances to rank correctly for those terms
and end up benefiting from your work which is again excruciating.

 They Have Copied My Content. What can I do?

The first thing is always to get in
touch with the person/network/ web in question to claim your rights. I
personally always take screenshots of the infraction -for being a bit
distrustful- and I have a list where I list all the websites or entities with
which I have had problems. Why? Because if they do it once it can be due to
ignorance, if they do two it is because of bitching and that second time I will
no longer be kind enough to contact them before doing the whole procedure. I
assume that you have already made this step but you do not want to wait
either.  I want you to stop it NOW.