Types of Cases Criminal Lawyers Deal With

Last updated
January 27, 2024

Qualified criminal lawyers take charge of cases that involve wrongdoing. The crime could be domestic violence, DUI, public intoxication, and even sexual assault. When you are charged with a crime, you are not convicted until you’re proven guilty for your actions.  To prove your innocence, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer. They help you as they review your case, work closely with you to build all the relevant information and if required, employ other lawyers on your case to reach a quick solution. There are other reasons for which it’s crucial to see a criminal lawyer if you have been charged with a crime.

Gerri Wiebe has the most experienced criminal lawyers in Winnipeg who take on complex cases with care and individual attention. Whether you’re charged with domestic assault, for a drug offence or for theft/fraud, we can provide you with legal consultation straight off. Below is a list of crimes, that our criminal lawyers deal with.

1. Domestic Violence

You may want to hire us for defending against assault charges unless there were witnesses involved. Domestic violence ranges from physical/sexual/emotional abuse to intimidation, isolation, and verbal abuse. We collect the evidence, advise you, and do everything we can to help resolve the case.

2. Theft/Cyber Fraud

If accused of theft or fraud involving misuse of information, or any misdemeanour, remember: we can help. At our site, find skilled criminal defense lawyers in Winnipeg who will help you fight your case. They will collect information, present solid reasoning, and help free you if innocent, or get the least punishment possible if accused.

3. Drug Possession

An individual is charged with drug possession if they are found with one or more illegal drug either for personal use, trade or otherwise. Drug offences like these have long prison sentences and can result in the forfeiture of your property, such as cash and vehicles. When it comes to drug possessions, our lawyers can greatly reduce severe penalties. Furthermore, we write compelling arguments, appeal to the jury and dedicate ourselves to fighting and winning your case.

4. Impaired Driving

An impaired driving charge is in when you operate a vehicle while under the influence. This can result in the cancellation of your license, a hefty fine, or even a prison sentence. A first-time  DUI or DWI charge is classified as a severe misdemeanor and is punishable by at least six months in jail. The prison sentence can be increased under certain circumstances. Let us act on your behalf to reduce these penalties.

5. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault includes unwanted sexual attempts, such as oral sex or penetrating the perpetrator’s body. If charged, the accused can get jailed for a maximum of twenty years. The result or penalty for sexual assault can include getting fired from your job or being restricted from working at service centers such as schools, community centers or camps for life. If you have a prior criminal record, you especially need help from Gerri Wiebe‘s criminal lawyers in Winnipeg. We work around the clock to help reduce your charges or sentence.

Before hiring us, know that we are a firm of private lawyers that represents clients charged with criminal offences. We handle all cases associated with criminal defense and get you positive results fast. Call now for a free consultation at +12047995956.