What Can a Driving Offence Lawyer do For You?

Last updated
February 5, 2024

Driving offences are taken quite seriously in Canada because they can be a matter of life or death for a victim and for the complainant too. Even the immigrants charged for a driving offence before they actually entered the territories of Canada have to go through a lengthy process. Criminal Rehabilitation is a type of probationary period which decides whether such an immigrant should be allowed to own or lease or even once, drive a motor vehicle. Otherwise, only temporary permits are provided to such person(s) without any option to reapply.

There are different types of cases
that are considered ‘driving offence’ and can take root because of the driver’s
negligence or impaired driving. Be it any of the following cases, one needs an
experienced driving offence lawyer in order to protect the person from further
sentencing – because of the severity of the case.

Dangerous driving the guilty found driving a car in such a way that’s viewed harmful for public Speeding or stunting driving a car at a higher speed than allowed as part of Canada’s Criminal Code. Driving a car which isn’t insured. A car without a driver’s license if a driver fails to provide a valid, legal, original driver’s license    

Driving Offense Lawyers in Winnipeg

Because certain sections of the national criminal do not apply to all states or provinces, it is a better idea to consult a driving lawyer in Winnipeg, or even if you’re in any other location. But, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced driving offence lawyer remains an arduous task. Here is how your driving offence lawyer can serve you.


The lawyer, who has considerable knowledge and experience of handling driving offences in Winnipeg will require you to provide certain legal and commercial documents. This way, your lawyer will be able to produce a favorable outcome for you – which means protecting your reputation or your driver’s license. Or even if a sentence becomes necessary, he shall be able to shorten the duration of any punishment for good.


Remember that in such cases, the
lawyer will guide you about possible financial penalties. Penalties can also be
non-financial, for example, cancellation of a driver’s license, suspension or
prohibition from acquiring another driver’s license.


Your driving offense lawyer will represent your case and your documents in the case to establish proof. In order to do so, he would also require you to honestly provide him all the necessary documents like a license, or insurance papers, car ownership papers or insurer’s contact details, reports of blood tests and so on depending upon the severity of the case. It is always a better idea to also inform the driving lawyer if that’s your first driving offense or second, because this may impact how your lawyer would handle your case.  

Determination of Fault

Driving offence lawyers, after listening intently to your case, and going through the provided documents will determine if you are at fault. Then, preserving your right to fair trials and treatment from the police and other legal authorities will ensure to represent you at the court proceedings. In most cases, the driver, whether charged for dangerous or impaired driving is considered guilty. In such a situation, your legal consultant should do whatever it takes to WIN!

How to Find The Best Driving Offence Lawyer in Winnipeg?

After doing careful research, shortlist four to five lawyers who think have considerable experience for identical cases. Go through the website, client testimonials and reviews, nature of cases they have dealt with, their specialization and expertise. After visiting the website, it is better to visit the lawyer in person or explain your case in a telephonic conversation. Make sure to carry all your necessary documents along that will save a lot of time and possibly, lower the penalties too! Depending upon the gravity of the situation, decide mutually with your lawyer whether you or the lawyer should represent your case before the Crown’s attorney.

most driving offence cases may have a high cost, to be borne by the guilty,
finding the right driving defence lawyer and the right time may save some
money, and most importantly your name and the integrity.