What to Expect and DO If You Hit a Pedestrian

Last updated
April 8, 2024

Pedestrians and cyclers are encouraged in Canada due to their recent campaigns about pollution and urban environment conservation. While such programs widely favour the environments, the rate of impaired driving cases has also increased. With this, services from impaired driving lawyers are largely significant and required by a number of civilians.

But what really to expect (and do) if you hit a pedestrian?

If you recently hit a pedestrian (or even if you were hit), you landed at the right
place. Most probably, if the offence on the driver’s side is proven, it may
result in the suspension, cancellation or prohibition of driver’s license. Yes,
depending upon the concentration of drugs and/or alcohol in the blood, the court
decides whether to suspend the driver’s license for a definite period of time
or to cancel it permanently.

How is the Fault Determined?

is usually determined by checking the camera footage, other proofs available
and the concentration of drugs or alcohol in the blood. The burden of proof is
on the driver’s side.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents – Negligence of driver

of what happens on the spot of the accident, motor vehicles are accused of
their negligent behaviours on the road which becomes the ultimate cause behind
the accident. Having said that, accidents can be caused due to the following
factors on the motorist’s part:

  1. Distracted
    driving by the motorist while eating, or using a cellphone, listening to or
    talking to somebody else in the car
  2. Driving on an
    exceeded limit
  3. Vehicle
    malfunction or loss of motorist’s control over the vehicle due to loss of brake
  4. Driving under

Negligence of Pedestrian

In rare
cases, hit by car accidents can also occur because of a pedestrian’s fault.
Most common causes may include a pedestrian’s failure to comply with the
traffic signals, walking on road while being intoxicated.

What to Do After Hitting a Pedestrian?

impaired driving case can have various consequences. Therefore, it is necessary
to contact an impaired
driving lawyer right after such an accident. It is also a better idea to
contact the insurance company for further process. A lot of times, these insurance
companies can find better proofs and assist in establishing a case in favour of
both parties. Before discharging the crucial duty of deciding on a lawyer, make
sure you follow this practical approach.


best legal consultants in Winnipeg are able to fight for your reputation. They
should have a track record of protecting their client’s driving license and the
job, employment whatever one’s source of income is. Research becomes,
therefore, a vital step in this hunt for a better impaired driving lawyer.

Study Client Reviews

important part of this research is to examine the previous client’s review of a
respective legal consultant. He must, of course, be well-versed in the impaired
driving law and have a proven track record of winning the client’s cases.

Examine The Nature of Cases

Motorists are blamed for their negligence on the road. That’s because their lawyers either fail to defend their case properly, by not being able to establish facts and proofs in favour of their client. Or, they fail to understand the nature of the case and especially the ‘fault’ as lawyers. While choosing a legal consultant in Winnipeg make sure you examine whether the lawyer understands your case in fullest possible manner and has an action plan on how to pursue it.

Discuss Your Position in The Case

To win
an impaired driving case, you should have a better idea of your position in the
case. It is equally important to convey such a position to your impaired driving lawyer.
A potential, experienced person in such a field will eventually understand the
case and will suggest you the next step right away.

Choose Experience Overcharges

In an
impaired driving case, not only your money or driver’s license is at stake, but
so are your reputation and integrity. Therefore, it should be your lawyer’s
priority to defend your reputation as well, and that’s not possible if you
chase a cheap service than an experienced legal consultant.  

Choosing a legal consultant in Winnipeg can be a challenging task due to the nature of the crime. In order to make efficient decisions in such critical issues, it is better to understand beforehand, the nature, the fault, and the cause behind the accident. This gives anybody ease in determining the next steps.