Sexual Harassment: Solving the Myth and Moving Forward

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Recently, there has been a wide array of acknowledgments concerning the field of women empowerment pertaining to different campaigns and movements throughout the world. Statistics have been harsh when looking up claims made in accordance with the sexual harassment at workplaces. Women have been always been the victim of patriarchy and inequality. These two diseases have existed throughout the years in every walk of life and have added to the already piling up calamities in the life of a women.

The impact of #me-too

            Studies suggest that since the rise of feminist waves, tides have taken a slight turn. Although there is a long way to go but a seeing-eye observes the impact of these pro-women rallies in real life. The world today, realizes the importance of working in a synergistic way when looking through the lens of contemporary scenario. Many women, even in influential places have come forward showing the world that women, working in any place or at any position have fallen prey to the predators lurking in each and every corner of life.

A thorn in the side

            Sexual harassment has been deemed as that demon that devours almost all aspects of life when it inflicts damage upon someone. According to the U.S equal employment opportunity commission, a total of 28000 harassment claims had been received accounting for both the government and the public sector. An important aspect to look through is to identify that all claims that are sex-based include but are not limited to gender discrimination, sexual orientation, and other stigmas. These numbers are staggering enough to think that such claims must be dealt with extreme caution and care that they are demand.

Making a difference 

If you or any of your fellows have ever been a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, within workplace or outside of it, we are here to help you guide through the excruciating processes with ease and ensure that swift and strong justice prevails in your favor. Times have been tough and circumstances have compelled many of us to sew our lips related to this dilemma but now, you can look up to us for the concrete support and untiring efforts you so dearly need.

A simple answer to all of your questions

Here at Gerri Wiebe Assault Lawyers , we provide you with the most advanced and relatively easy methods to achieve the satisfaction that is our motto regarding your queries. An important point to memorize is that with each passing day, the perpetuator grows stronger if the crime he/she has committed has not been reported. Don’t let the chains of society entangle you within the norms that have done nothing for you except giving you words. Report and speak up, even if it hurts. The agony of bearing these thoughts and carrying this burden all alone is far greater than moving your lips and letting your voice be heard. If you cannot do that, just whisper to us and we’ll let your whispers become echoes and loud enough to get you the desired results.