Things to Do If Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

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Before an individual with the falsely accused of sexual harassment is called to court, they should seek help in counteracting the claims. If not, the "victim," may create the illusion of truth, and win the case. Here are top things to do in case you’re facing a sexual assault charge.

1. Visualize The Consequences

Think of the legal ramifications if you don't fight the claims.  Don't be in denial – face and deal with the trouble you’re in. Let’s say, for example, child sexual abuse allegations arise during a divorce case, and you ignore them for some reason. If you take appropriate action, you can still win custody of your child(ren) if any. In addition, you won't have problems keeping your job.

2. Choose The Right Lawyer To Represent You

Assault lawyers are experts in handling different types of assault cases. When it comes to sexual assault, hire the best lawyer for the job. You could begin by asking if the lawyer has handled a case similar to yours in the past. Take legal help in Winnipeg from Gerri Wiebe if you’re charged with sexual assault in the workplace – or anywhere else.

3. Get Ready For High Stakes

Most people don’t want to hear this, but if accused of sexually touching someone, such as forcefully kissing them, or even holding their hand when they're unwilling, the person accused of sexual assault can expect severe consequences. To avoid the aftermath, they'll have to line up the necessary evidence and seek expert advice. All of this will cost much more than a few hundred dollars.

4. Beware Of The Subject Of Your Allegation

It’s a good idea to hire a qualified lawyer to represent you, and it’s also good to educate yourself on the type of accusation you’re charged with.  The best results take place with a fully involved and well-informed client. 

5. Set Up A Timeline Of The Event(s)

The timeline should include as many details as you can remember. This will significantly contribute to your defence.

6. Create A Witness List

Most assault lawyers in Winnipeg will advise you to get 3 x 5 cards or 5 x 7 cards that you can use to write in the following details for each witness:

  • Name
  • Addresses, phone number and email
  • People’s description, their employment following by a brief biography

7. Monitor Your Tongue And Actions

As the saying goes: think before you speak; think before you act.  A rash comment or action can land you in jail. Handle yourself according to societal norms – this will contribute to your defence.

8. Specialized Testing

If your case is related to sexual abuse such as rape, you will have to undergo testing and evaluation to disprove the allegations.  Also, the sooner you stop feeling guilty about something you didn't do, the easier it will be to prove that you're innocent.

9. Cooperate With Your Lawyer

Cooperate with your lawyer to fight a criminal charge against you. Be honest with them – tell them everything.

10. Don’t Give Up

Last but not least, don’t lose hope. There will be ups and downs during the whole process of filing a suit and winning it, but you face the storm with courage. Don't  lose hope. Take a break from the situation, don’t feel ashamed of false accusations, and do everything you can to win the case. Back yourself up with the best assault lawyers here.